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electronic music production








With editor Commercial
(2-hour minimum)

1 hour   $150        
10 hour day   $1300        
50 hour week   $6500        
Without editor
1 Day   $300        
1 Week   $1200        
Final Cut Rental
Without editor
Hourly   $50        
Daily   $300        
Weekly   $900        
Monthly   $3000        
ON ICE With Artist
Hourly   $100        
Daily   $800        
Weekly   $4000        
Camera Rentals            
Panasonic 24p Daily   $180        
PD 150 Daily   $150        
PC 100 Daily   $50        
Canon XL1S   $185        
Camera Operator            
Daily   $500        
Weekly   $2500        

Camera Accessories            
ME 66   $30        
ME 67   $40        





















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